Saturday, April 23, 2016

Our First and Hopefully Last Big Incident - April 23rd, 2016

Last night I never got a phone call from the nurse so I figured that you did not get a blood transfusion. I planned on calling at 10:30, but figured I would just wait and call since you didn't get the blood transfusion. Well boy was I wrong.
When I woke up at 5 am, I decided I would call since we wouldn't be coming to see you until around noon. One of the nurses we knew answered, and she updated me on what was going on with you. You now weigh 4 lb, 13 oz which is great! She said that you had a cluster of events but it was around the time you were eating. She said you got a blood transfusion last night - um excuse me, what? I never got a phone call, but okay. I asked her where the IV was and she said I think the right leg. Phew. She went to check and it was in your left leg. Your left leg. Where no blood pressures are supposed to be taken, no IV's, blood draws, nothing. She said that she would call the PA and let her know. I get a call about 2 minutes later from the PA saying "I heard that you were upset about the IV in his left leg." Um yeah, there is a sign on his bed that says "No LLE BP's or Sticks" in pretty big letters. I heard the nurse yesterday tell the nurse that stuck you say "no sticks or blood pressures in his left leg". I said to the PA that I have had to tell nurses about 4 times now to stop what they were about to do because they were about to do it in your left leg. She said that she was sorry, but the IV looked fine so she was going to keep it in. At that point daddy had woken up and said they better pull it. So I told her we needed the IV pulled immediately. She said she wasn't going to, and that it looked fine. About 5 minutes later my phone rang again, and it was the nurse telling me that she pulled the IV and put it in your right leg. She said we would only need the IV for another 24 hours for your antibiotics. She also made a cuff for your left leg that says NO STICKS on it.
When we came in, we had a really good nurse that I know will take care of you the best. We haven't had her in a while, but I feel very comfortable with her taking care of you. She said that she would call the PA right away to speak with us. When the PA came (not the one from this morning that told us she was going to keep it in), she said "all I can do is say I am so sorry this happened." I told her that I had to stop nurses from doing this for a couple weeks now and she said that she put it in your chart, it was already in huge letters on your isolette, and now you have a cuff. She said that she wrote what happened up, and I told her that the nurse never called when she asked me if I wanted her to call me if you were to get blood. She said she would add that in. I asked what could happen to your clot since you already got the blood transfusion and she said that the clot could have grown. She doesn't think it did because she could still feel your pulse and you had good cap refills. However, your foot is swollen again. You are going to get an ultrasound on Monday, unless something causes them to do it earlier.
We stayed for a little bit after that. You look much better than the last couple days. You face isn't as swollen and you are more alert. You don't look pale anymore. You were moving all around.
I don't even know what to say about today. I just hope nothing happened to your blood clot. I love you and daddy loves you and we will see you in the morning. I feel like I need to stay at the hospital so nothing bad happens to you. I hope you have a good night, and a good morning. Stay strong for us!!