Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Mommy Saved the Day - April 13th, 2016

When I came in this morning, the neuro residents were just finishing up. They said that you didn't have to be tapped today, but they were going to go and speak with the doctor about shunt placement since you have been tapped more frequently. I didn't hear anything else about it all day.
The nurse told me that you have been good with her so far and that you did well over night. You had a couple brady's, but you came back on your own from them. I helped with your care and told her that I would be holding you from 1-3 again.
The doctors rounded and looked at a couple of your growth curves. You are fluctuating between 50 and 75 percent for head circumference (they said that is because you are getting tapped some days) and then for weight you are in the 25th percentile. They said that everything looks good and they were not going to make any changes unless you were to start having a lot of episodes. I asked if they would wean your CPAP down, and they said that you were already pretty low so they want to see you gain some weight (you were at 1760 grams yesterday) and then once you gain a bit more weight, they will wean you down to 4 for a day and then put you on the cannula. However, if you have surgery, you will have to be intubated, so we will see what happens.
Around lunch time, there were people walking around resetting all of the monitors in every room. Apparently they were putting them all to the default settings. I figured they knew what they were doing. Well, when I was watching the monitor about an hour later, I noticed your heart rate was dropping and no alarms were going off. When it hit 83 I notified the nurse who was in the next room and made sure she knew that no alarm went off for it (the alarm usually goes off in the room she is in too). After making sure you were okay (you came back up on your own), she looked at all the settings and said that the alarm should of went off. She called the people who just came around to set all the monitors to default settings and they came back around. I left to go eat lunch at that time (and made sure the nurse would not leave his bedside) and when I came back she told me that the monitor was fixed and that they had to go around to all 98 beds to reset them all again. All I could think about was how scary that was. What would of happened if I wasn't there and if this was an episode where you didn't come back on your own and needed a bit of stim? Or what if another baby isn't that strong yet and the nurse wasn't staring at the monitor? After she said it was fixed I continued to stare at the monitors  while I held you to make sure that the alarm DID go off if your heart rate dropped. Yours did not drop at all the rest of the time but another baby's did and the alarm did go off. Like I said before, I am going to have my nursing degree after this!
I did your care one more time before I left. You were doing great while I was there. I feel much more comfortable leaving on days that you are doing well!
I called around 10:45 pm to see how you were doing and she said that you didn't have any episodes for her (she has been there since 7 pm) and you had gained 20 grams. You are now up to 1780 grams which is still 3 lb, 14 oz, but I have to mention the grams because you are still gaining weight. Six more grams makes you 3 lb, 15 oz, so hopefully that is what you will be tomorrow night.
I am glad you had such a good day, Mason. Mommy and daddy love you and are so happy to see that you are growing and doing well. We know how strong you are and how hard it is to keep fighting, but are so proud of you for continuing despite any setbacks. I will see you in the morning buddy!