Sunday, April 3, 2016

Keep This Trend Going - April 3rd, 2016

Today when we came, she said that you were having episodes overnight so they tapped your reservoir. They got 9 cc's (they usually get 10 cc's). After your reservoir was tapped, they said you didn't have any episodes. She also said that your heart rate came down into the 150's, as it was sitting in the 160's before your reservoir was tapped.
I was able to hold you for an hour and a half. It wasn't the best getting you out this time. They nurse and RT had a hard time with your interface and the tubes. The tubes kept coming apart and they couldn't get it so that they would stay together. They ended up switching to the prongs which they were giving a break because your little nose was bleeding. They kept that on when we finally got you settled, but switched to the other interface when we put you back so that they could give your nose a rest. Hopefully that heals quickly. Anyway, we had a good snuggle session while daddy napped.
Mom-mom and pop-pop came to visit you and you kept bradying. You came back up from all the episodes on your own. What made me nervous was your heart rate staying around the 180's, but the nurses said that is still normal. Your nurse changed while we were there to someone I have never met before. I am hoping she takes very good care of you!
I just got off the phone with her and she said that you haven't had many episodes since we left. She said that you weigh 3 lb 5 oz again. She also said you were 14.6 inches. Up almost an inch! She said you did well through your care and that you were doing well. She reminded me that you had your ultrasounds and blood work in the morning. Please pray that all comes back well!
Mommy and daddy love you and I will see you in the morning. Here's to hoping we have a great day tomorrow with some great news!