Saturday, April 16, 2016

An Emotional First - April 16th, 2016

Today was a great day. We originally went in at 10 am as we were told that we would speak with the doctor about your surgery. We were given a window from 10 am to 1 pm. We sat there and as time passed, I asked the nurse to let him know that we were there (there was a miscommunication with another doctor before so I just wanted to make sure that they knew we were there). Noon came and I figured since he didn't come speak with us yet, I wanted to hold you. This was the first time that I held you all swaddled up. It felt really good to hold you like that! Now for the emotional first... daddy wanted to hold you! I immediately called the nurses name so that we could get this done. She came right over and took you and transferred you to daddy. Mommy cried. I absolutely loved seeing you with him. It made my heart melt.
The doctor never came by one so the nurse sent another message. The resident called and then eventually the doctor said he forgot and he felt terrible about it. He offered to come in tomorrow to speak with us. We didn't want him to come in on his day off so we are going to speak with him on Monday. He called us to apologize and said that he wanted to change your surgery to Wednesday. He said he would confirm it tomorrow with us.
You only had one event over night last night which was great. When I called tonight, she said that you have had no events. She also said that she noticed that you are starting to wake up for your feeds. You woke up a little before 9 pm and she fed you, changed your clothes and your blanket, and your diaper, and then you fell back to sleep. She said you gained weight (again, you are gaining kilograms but not necessarily ounces) so you weigh 4 lb, 3 oz. She said that you are doing great. This is the trend I love! Doing better and better every day!
We love you and will see you tomorrow. I can't wait to hold you again! Speaking of holding, there is a contest that will start on Mother's day and end on Father's day and they record how long you hold your baby and the person who holds their baby the most wins. I am on it! Stay strong and keep fighting!