Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Too Many Episodes for Mommy! - April 6th, 2016

Where to start.
Last night you did good. Neuro came by and checked on you and said that you felt full so she was going to leave it up to the NICU team to decided if they wanted to tap you or not. She also said that since you weigh over 1.5 kilos (you weigh 3 lb, 6 oz), they were going to talk about possibly placing a shunt next week. This came as a shock because last time I spoke with the neurosurgeon, he said there was only a 20-30% chance that you would need a shunt.
The PA came around with the doctor and said that they were going to tap you today. She said she would be back at 11:45 am to tap you. She said that she wanted to go up to 30 ml on your feeds today. She wanted to keep your feeds over an hour.
After the PA left, you had a pretty big episode. Your heart rate, RR, and Oxygen dropped for what felt like forever (but it was more like a minute) and they had to stim you. I was on the verge of crying when you came back up. Good thing they were tapping you today! After you had your episode, you spit up.
After the nurse called the doctor to tell her, she said that she was not going to increase your feeds. She also said that she would be around at 11 am to tap you. If you were still having episodes, she said that she would increase your CPAP settings. When I told the PA about the news of neuro telling me that you might get the shunt next week and that it was a shock to me, she said that the doctor hates when the residents say things before he gets to tell the parents. She said if he continues to need the tapping, he most likely will need a shunt. She ended up increasing your CPAP settings.
After even more episodes, the nurse called the PA to see if it would be a good idea to get an X-Ray of your lungs just to rule things out. The X-Ray came back and the PA said it looked good.
The neurosurgeon came in to feel your head and to clarify what his resident told me. He said that he hates when his residents give news that he did not give. He said to clarify, he would not put a shunt in before next week because he wants the lovenox to work at the blood clot. He also said that he wants you to continue growing in the meantime. He did say that the chance of you getting a shunt now is above 50%. We just have to see how often from here on out you have to get tapped. I was pumping (covered up) when he came in and he told me the above and then he said "okay well you have those things on and it's getting a little weird so I'm gonna go now." He stayed and told a few jokes (he is hilarious) and then left.
Your episodes slowed down a bit and we did your care. I went to eat some dinner and when I came back you were still doing well. Shortly after, you started to have a few more episodes, but since then you have been fine. The PA said that if you are still doing okay by tomorrow, she will then increase your feeds to 30 ml over an hour.
Right before we left, you had one episode and spit up after your feed. Not sure what the PA is going to do tomorrow.
Please pray that the night is calm with no episodes.
We love you and will see you in the morning! Stay strong buddy!