Thursday, March 3, 2016

A Day of Firsts - February 26th, 2016

Mason was able to take his ventilator down another notch today! After an X-Ray of his lungs, they said the ventilator could go and he could just have the CPAP. Mommy and Daddy like that much better - we absolutely hated seeing you with tubes down your throat.
After calling the nurse, she told me that you had a little jaundice and needed the UV light and some sunglasses, but you opened your eyes today!! What great news!
When Mommy, Daddy, Mom-Mom and Gramma came up to see you, we heard you cry for the very first time! I told you that everything would be okay and that we loved you!
Later that night at 9 pm we got to come back up to see you and we actually got to see your adorable little eyes! Mommy also took your temperature (98.6) and got to feed you a little colostrum! We witnessed you feeding (1 ml of colostrum) and then spoke to you for a little bit before having to say goodnight. What an amazing day. Stay strong buddy, we love you!