Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy 3 Weeks Mason! - March 17th, 2016

I slept at the hospital again so I only woke up a couple times when you brady'd. Not nearly as much as the previous night!
One of the doctors came in to check on you and said that your head felt nice and soft and that you did not need it drained today. They kept taking your blood for your blood gas, and they were able to turn down your ventilator settings a few times. They also said that you should not need another blood transfusion anytime soon. Your heart rate has been staying in the upper 140's, which they said was good. They said that your heart rate before was most likely in the 180's because of the pressure on your brain.
When the doctors did their rounds today, they said that your weight was 1.2 kilos and that you were doing good. After rounds, one of your doctors came back and said that after looking at an X-Ray, one of your lungs was working better than the other. She thought that was because you had some mucous in there so they suctioned you out a few times. They said you sounded much better after doing that. A little later you had a million brady's in a row - they think it was because something wasn't hooked up right and wasn't catching up on the machine.
You started your feedings again this morning, and after two of your feedings you vomited. They think you may have reflux or it could be that the tube isn't in the right place because you like to pull on it. They were going to call the doctor and see what the doctor wanted to do because they were supposed to increase your feeds again.
Overall, the doctors sounded like you were doing well. I am hoping the vomiting is just from having surgery or from you not being used to eating again. I will speak with the doctors tomorrow morning to see what is going on there.
Mommy and Daddy left to have dinner with family, and we are actually staying in a hotel room tonight and tomorrow. Mommy was told that she looked exhausted and needed to get away for a little bit. We will see you early tomorrow buddy! Happy 3 weeks and happy St. Patty's day! We love you!