Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Too Many Ups and Downs for One Day - March 9th, 2016

This morning the nurses and doctor came around and we listened as they did their rounds. They said that you were going to have a PICC line in today or tomorrow as well as another brain ultrasound today or tomorrow. All of your cultures have come back negative so far which is great. They wanted to make sure that you peed in an arc so they told me to keep watching. (I stared at you for what seemed like forever, and as soon as I walked out of the room they said you peed - in an arc like they wanted!)
The nurse that had you today told us that you only had three episodes last night and haven't had any this morning. Your belly was a little full so the nurse was putting  an empty tube on your feeding tube so that the air could get out. Last night, your heart rate was in the 190's so they were going to watch it. So far this morning, your heart rate was in the 180's.
When I came back at 3, I was going to do Kangaroo Care. When I got there, I did the usual and then the nurse said that she was going to get the doctor because his belly looked really full. The doctor came in and checked your belly and said that it wasn't okay. She said that when she pressed on it, it was tender and that your heart rate was high, all signs that something was wrong with your belly. I asked what could be causing it, and they didn't want to make me nervous so they told me that they would let me know after they did an X-Ray. I had to leave the room while they did the X-Ray. The doctor also wanted to do blood work to see what was going on. She said the doctor at night would tell me the results.
I stayed there and daddy came as well. Before he came, the doctor came in and said that your belly just looked full of air. Nothing else looked wrong. They stopped your feeding until at least tomorrow. Your blood work came back and your hemoglobin was very low so you got another blood transfusion while we were there. Your lab work also showed that you needed to be back on the phototherapy. You sure do love tanning!
Since you were bothered enough at 3, I did not do Kangaroo Care. I figured I would give you a day of rest. However, when we came back at 9 pm, the nurse said it would be good for him to do some Kangaroo Care, so we did. She purposely faced me the opposite direction of your vitals since I couldn't stop staring at your heart rate going up and down so much. She said that you notice when I am stressed and Kangaroo time is not supposed to be stressful. While we cuddled, daddy said that your heart rate went down to the 160's. It is amazing how that works!! I wish I could snuggle you all day!
Well, that was enough ups and downs for one day. We love you and are so proud of you for staying so strong!!