Thursday, March 31, 2016

One Major Episode - March 31st, 2016

This morning I wanted to make it so that I was there for when PT came. During your care, the PT jotted down some notes and watched how you handled care. After we were done with your care, she said that she was impressed with how well you did. She also gave me a couple things that I could do while the nurse was doing her part to help you feel more comfortable. I got a chance to practice a few times today when we did your care later. We also put you in a bigger snuggly so that you couldn't get your feet out. You can still stretch your feet out all the way, but you just can't get them above the bottom of the snuggly. It is more developmentally friendly for you. She also gave me a book to read about preemies in the NICU (I already read it - for those of you that know me I know you're surprised haha). She said that she will come once a week for now until you are in a crib and then we will do more "physical" PT.
When the doctors rounded, they went over a few things that they were going to do today. Since you spit up after a couple of your feedings, they originally fed you over a span of 45 minutes. Since you were still spitting up after that, they extended it to a span of 90 minutes. That has been working - so lets hope it stays that way. When the doctor said that you weren't having many episodes so he was going to wean your RR from 20 to 15, you had a major episode where your heart rate kept repeatedly dropped and they needed to stimulate you. The doctor changed his mind as soon as that happened so you are staying at a RR of 20 for now. They did blood work for the anti-10a and your level came back at .36. They said that they like it between .5 and 1, so they said they were going to speak with hematology to see what they wanted to do since your level was low. When they got ahold of hematology, they said to continue the same dose of lovenox, and they are okay will the .36 level. You will get another ultrasound of your head and leg on Monday, and another anti-10a on Monday as well. You are now on Vitamin D as well since you aren't getting any sun. You will be on that for a year and it is a tiny amount a day that you get.
...And for my favorite part of the day, I got to do kangaroo care with you! You are becoming more aware of things and this time you decided to spend the majority of the time licking me! You also sneezed a million times but they said that is because you are coming out of your isolette into the open air. We cuddled for an hour and a half until you had your next feeding. She said I could continue to hold you, but I get nervous having to move you during your feeding. The nurse was very nice and said I could always get you back out after your feeding but I didn't want to stress you out by getting you out, putting you back in, then getting you out again and putting you back in again. I loved every second of cuddling with you today (and every day I get to cuddle you)!
Daddy came to visit you tonight and was able to do your mouth care. Last time you kept your mouth closed for him, but this time you loved it. Daddy loved it as well. I can't wait for him to hold you. The nurse said today that he didn't have to kangaroo you, he could take you out in your snuggly if he felt more comfortable, so maybe he will be able to do that once he gets the courage! He still feels like he is going to break you because you are so small. However, you are up to 3 lb. 5 oz!  Keep growing buddy! We love you!