Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter - March 27th, 2016

I knew I was going to have somewhat of a rough day with you not being able to be home with us for Easter. I cried on the way to the hospital, and I teared up when I saw a couple and their daughter at the grocery store. I just wish you were able to spend every day with us like everyone else.
When mommy and daddy came this morning to see you, the nurse said that you were doing well. Your feeds were still advancing, and your fluids through your IV were being stopped today. Your feeds went to 21 ml at noon, and will go to 22 ml at midnight. Almost at full feeds! They also increased your calories from 22 to 24! Your ventilator settings went down again as well (Pinsp went from 16 to 15 - I don't even know what that is but that's what changed!). She said when you get your interface changed, you do very well breathing on your own while they make their switch, so she thinks they will be able to decrease your settings pretty quickly. You did well with the new settings today.
We came back again after having Easter dinner at our house (you will be able to be with us next year and I can't wait for you to be home). The nurse said again that you were doing great. She had you on your belly and you looked so comfortable. I filed your nails a little bit because they won't do that at the hospital. I also asked the nurse before leaving about your little cheek because mom-mom and pop-pop seemed to think your cheek was swollen. The nurse was very nice about it and said that she would be in the isolette if it were her child (and I wish I could fit in yours)! Your IV stand was gone when we came in as well. They will keep your IV in your foot for another couple days just incase, and then they will take it out. One less thing to worry about and to have on you! Pop-pop took a couple pictures of me, you, and daddy for our first Easter together.
Other than that, another uneventful day - just what we like. I am sure this week we will have more going on, with another ultrasound to see how your blood clot is, and your vision test which is on Tuesday. I am very nervous about that. I will take daddy's advice and I won't worry about it until I have to.
I am glad we got to spend some time with you today on Easter. So many people say to me "I don't know how you do it - I could never do it" and I honestly don't know how I am doing it. All my days blend together and time is going by so fast. Sitting in the hospital is a lot of work even though it seems like nothing, but there is no where I would rather be. We love you, Mason. Keep fighting and growing!