Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Mason's First Car Ride - March 15th, 2016

Where to start. Last night was pretty rough on mommy. I didn't want to talk to anyone because I needed to process everything that was going on myself. I just got comfortable at Virtua and now we were having to move to a whole new hospital that was not 10 minutes down the road. This meant new nurses and doctors as well.
When I arrived this morning, there was a bag with your little glasses, pacifier, diaper, etc. and a note saying that they thought I would want some of your things which automatically made me start crying. All of these little notes and "gifts" that the nurses left were so thoughtful and made us feel so at home. I know that is something that we will miss, and I know Mason will miss his dream team!
The nurse let me change your diaper and take your temperature. She also asked if I wanted to do some kangaroo care and of course I did! As soon as we got you all settled, the doctor came in to let me know that CHOP would be here in 30 minutes. I cherished every single second with you not knowing what would happen next. Daddy came as soon as we knew they were on their way. As we were spending some cuddle time together, about 5 people came in and filled the room. It was very overwhelming, especially knowing you would be transported in an ambulance. That made me so nervous. As they transferred you into their little isolette, I cried. I didn't want to leave a place I was so comfortable at. Some of the nurses came in to say goodbye, the respiratory therapist and the PA also came in to say goodbye. As we were leaving, I saw the LC and another nurse that took care of you and again started crying because everyone was so sad that you were leaving. As we walked out of the NICU, another couple saw me crying and said that they had a grandchild at CHOP. The one lady hugged me and let me know that you would be just fine.
We followed the ambulance to CHOP, and a friend of ours called in a police escort to get you to the hospital faster. Your first car ride in an ambulance, and we even ran a few red lights! So exciting for your first ride! When we arrived at the hospital there was a little confusion as to where we were supposed to go, but we made it to the NICU. You do not have your own private room here, but you are doing just fine.
The doctor ordered an X-Ray and another ultrasound. No one came in to talk to us about the results, but a doctor did come in to talk to us about the surgery you would be getting in the morning. I was kind of shocked that you would be getting surgery so soon. However, we feel very comfortable with the surgeon. He will be putting a reservoir in so that they can take out the fluid daily. He also showed us what a shunt was just incase you would need it in the future.
Mommy is staying overnight in the hospital tonight with you and daddy had to go home (only one parent is allowed to stay with you). Your surgery is probably going to happen around 9 or 10 am because the doctor has another surgery to complete right before you.
I am not looking forward to tomorrow morning, as I know I will be a hot mess. I know you are in the best care, and I am hoping that I somehow gather a lot of strength for this procedure. I know you will do well and you will feel so much better. I am hoping for a speedy recovery and I know you will be just fine.
Mommy and Daddy love you!!!