Tuesday, March 8, 2016

No More Ventilator - March 8th, 2016

This morning mommy came and did some Kangaroo Care for a while. I did the usual diaper change and temp. and listened to the Dr. and nurses when they did their rounds. The last two cultures came back negative which is great. Your belly is 2 cm larger than what it was on the last measurement, but the doctor and nurse said that your belly looks, sounds, and feels like it should. They said that they would keep an eye on it. I asked what a reason could be for your belly to be bigger and they said that your ventilator has a leak so that could be a reason it is a little bigger. Your doctor wants me to change your diaper and keep it open until I leave to see if you pee in a stream or trickle. They want to make sure that you pee in an arc! The doctor said that she is going to take you off of the ventilator today as well.
Later when I came at 3 pm, I did the usual. This time when I changed your diaper, you decided to poop as I was wiping you. I'm sure that won't be last time you do that!! You were off of the ventilator and on the CPAP. You had a few episodes, so they said that you would be put on the CPAP with some breaths to help you. When we came later that night with mom-mom and pop-pop, our favorite nurse said that you have only had a few episodes since she had been there.
On Thursday you will have an ultrasound of your brain. Other than that, you look pretty good! You were all cuddled up on your tummy tonight, you looked so comfortable! I read you a book before we left and told you that I would be back tomorrow.
We love you Mason, stay strong and keep breathing buddy!!