Thursday, March 3, 2016

Heart Rate Scare - March 3rd, 2016

Today I was able to spend most of the day at the hospital. Daddy had to go to work today and since I can't drive, I had him drop me off so that I could stay with you the majority of the day. At your 9 am care, we learned that since you are a week old, you no longer need the humidity in your isolette. The humidity was there so that your skin wouldn't get dry since you were used to being in Mommy's tummy. Your lamp for jaundice would probably stay on until tomorrow when they would take your labs again. After changing your diaper and taking your temperature, I got to do Kangaroo Care for about 2 hours until I had to meet Caitlin for lunch.
After lunch I started typing everything from my handwritten journal so that we could keep everyone updated on your status. I cried as I typed, thinking about all the highs and lows that we have already been through.
At your 3 pm care, I changed your diaper, took your temperature, and did your colostrum care (which you did not seem to like today). Daddy came back from work and stayed for a little bit so that we could read to you. Unfortunately, Daddy couldn't go to your 9 pm care because he had to work on the house (our kitchen renovation was supposed to be finished at the end of April so that when you came, we didn't have anything to do).The nurse informed us that your PICC line was going to happen tomorrow because the doctor had to attend to someone/something else.
Mom-Mom brought me to the hospital so we could do Kangaroo Care one more time since you have a full day already tomorrow. I don't want to disturb you tomorrow after having your belly button line out, PICC in and your brain ultrasound. Too much for one day for our little guy. As I held you she read a few books to you and prayed for you. She started to decorate your room for you using the window decals I bought for you. When I said that we had to go and that we had to tuck you in for the night your heart rate started dropping. I kept watching it go down along with all the sounds alerting us of what was happening. Of course this not only breaks my heart but makes me nervous as well. I hate leaving you after something like that happens. Sometimes you forget to breathe on your own and so the ventilator has to help you. I am hoping by next week your lungs are a little more developed and we won't have to worry about that anymore!
I wanted to end this with something positive. We found out that two nurses wanted to take care of you tonight, but one beat the other to it! Boy are you popular already! We are so blessed to have so many people care about you, especially the NICU nurses. They are there for you when Mommy and Daddy can't be. They treat you as if you were their own. We are so thankful for them. They are angels.
Stay strong little buddy! Happy one week!! Mommy and Daddy love you!