Monday, March 21, 2016

Blood Transfusion - March 21st, 2016

When I came in this morning, the nurse told me that you had 17 brady's last night. She had only recorded 2 this morning. The doctor split your caffeine dose into two to see if it would make a change at all. Throughout the day you did much better than last night.
The doctor came in and said that your CBC's came back fine and that he didn't think you had an infection. The only thing that was low was your hemoglobin, so they wanted to do a blood transfusion. He thinks that the blood transfusion will help with your episodes. I had to sign new paperwork since you haven't had a blood transfusion since Virtua.
As for your feedings, I also had to sign a paper for that. You are up to 11 ml at noon and 12 ml at midnight. Every 12 hours you increase one ml. You will be considered at full feedings at 19 ml. The paper I had to sign was for them to be able to fortify your milk. They use Prolacta for preemies to give them more nutrition than what breast milk has to offer since it is only 20 calories. They said that they will let me know if they decided to do that to help you grow.
The doctor said that your head felt good, and he didn't think that it needed to be tapped today. Again, they continue to check your head circumference twice daily, and the doctor checks it every day.
When I did your care this afternoon, I had to change a poopy diaper, and I was happy about it because it was no longer meconium! You keep growing more and more and hitting more milestones!
I am staying home tonight, so Aunt Jess and Grammy helped organize all of your shower gifts. Lots of laundry to do, and I still have to find places for everything!
You are still doing very well, so keep it up. We love you and will see you in the morning!