Friday, March 18, 2016

No Extubation for a Bit - March 18th, 2016

Daddy and I stayed in a hotel last night so that we would be close and so that I could be within walking distance to you today. We walked over to see you this morning and they said that your head circumference had grown. I figured that the doctor would have to drain some fluid today. Your neurosurgeon (who is hilarious by the way) said that your head felt nice and soft like it should. Later, I met with the PA and I had asked her if they would have to drain any fluid because your head circumference had grown and she said that she spoke with the neurosurgeon and they both agree that everything looks fine and we have to remember that you are also growing so your head circumference will get larger. She also said that although the nurses try really hard to measure the same exact spots, they don't always measure in the same spots so the circumference could differ there as well.
Daddy had to leave to do some work, so I stayed to keep you company. The nurse had told me that the doctors wanted to extubate you today. After the doctor told her that, you had 4 episodes, so they decided it would be best to keep in the ventilator and we will talk about a plan of action on Monday. They said it would be best to keep it in rather than take it out and need to put it back in if you did not do well.
When the PA came in, I also asked her about you spitting up. Three times while I was watching you today it would look like you were choking and then you would spit a little bit up. She was not concerned with you spitting up at all because she said it is less than one cc, and she said it could be the ventilator irritating you. She said it could be reflux as well, but she thinks it is just the ventilator. She still thought it was best to keep the ventilator in. I hated seeing any of this today. I did clean you up whenever it happened. You are still getting fed and they are still increasing your feedings.
When we were still at Virtua, I asked them about a letter I had received in the mail about abnormal newborn screening results. At Virtua, they told me that they were going to order more lab work on your thyroid. I guess that got lost in the mix. When I told CHOP last night, they were ordering the labs for you. The PA said that they were doing those today.
Tomorrow is mommy's baby shower. It just doesn't feel right that you are not in my belly. However, I am sure you will get so much stuff and you will love all of it! I can't wait for you to be able to come home and enjoy everything. Mommy has a lot of things to get ready, but I do have a lot of time unfortunately.
I do miss the nurses at Virtua. They just aren't as personable here. I know your nurses from Virtua miss you as well!!
I am going to try and go to bed early tonight before I have to wake up again soon. We love you with all our hearts Mason. We will see you in the morning!