Saturday, March 26, 2016

Slight Scare - March 26th, 2016

Today I was able to come see you at the hospital because my glands were not swollen anymore and hadn't been for 24 hours. I was so happy that I could see you again!
When we got to the hospital, the nurse said that you only had one episode (which happened while we walked in) while she was on. She said you had a few overnight, but she didn't now how many. Other than that, she said that your left leg was the same circumference as your right leg. She said your foot looked good, your feeds were increasing, and you haven't spit up at all. All good news!
She asked me when I wanted to hold you today, and I asked her what she thought since my gland was swollen yesterday. She said she would recommend me not holding you until Monday, which I am okay with because I really do not want to get you sick if it was a sickness at all. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I did. I don't want to rush away the weekend, but come on Monday!!
When I saw you, you looked so much bigger than I remember. Maybe not seeing you for one day made me realize how much you are growing. Your face is starting to fill in! While she was changing your diaper, I noticed your testicles were swollen (you will be sooo embarrassed one day by this). I told the nurse and she called the doctor so she could come and check it out for me (I am becoming more and more aware of everything and I am starting to ask a lot of questions). I also noticed that your little hand was swollen. I even started to think that your whole body was swollen (daddy thought I was crazy - and maybe I am) instead of thinking you were just growing. You can never catch a break!
The doctor came in and checked you out and said that they felt soft. She said it was hydrocele. She said it is normal in any baby, not only preemies. She said it would go away on its own. She said your hand was a little swollen because you were laying on that side and it would go down as soon as they turned you.
Daddy did some mouth care after the doctor left. You closed your mouth and weren't really a fan of it today. Daddy is doing very good with you and maybe pretty soon he will do kangaroo care! I can't wait to see the bond that you two will have (I am tearing up just typing this).
We left to come home and I organized more of your room and did more of your laundry. You have more blankets and bibs than I know what to do with!
I just got off the phone with your nurse to see how you were doing and she said that she is still advancing your feeds. You are still 3 lbs (same as yesterday) and she just gave you a little bath. Which is weird now that I think about it because you are only supposed to get a bath on Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday. Hmm... Anyway, you have no labs scheduled for tonight either, which means that you just get to relax and grow! Tomorrow is Easter and I know it will be hard for us to have dinner without you being with us, but we will visit you for a while in the morning. Hopefully I stay strong tomorrow!
Mommy and Daddy love you and we are so happy that you are still doing well despite the hurdles you have from time to time. You are truly our hero. Keep fighting Mason!! Before you know it you will be out of the hospital and home with mommy and daddy!