Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A More Relaxing Day - March 30th, 2016

This morning when I got there, the neonatologist was there. He had to do his paper work, so while he did that, I visited with you. You looked nice and comfortable in your isolette. Your blanket that people from church made you was on your isolette as well.
When the doctor was ready to talk, he said that he was almost 100% sure that there was not an infection in your foot. He said he will never say anything is 100%. Your foot did look better than yesterday. Your blood work came back fine.
You were supposed to have an ultrasound of your head this morning, and he said they decided it wasn't needed because the one yesterday showed enough. Since it showed that there was no new bleeding, they were going to talk with hematology about possibly starting lovenox at a full dose today. They also may just keep you on the half dose. I asked why they would keep you on the half dose if the other doctor told me that it wouldn't get rid of the clot and he said it would stop it from getting any bigger which is what we want. I asked when another ultrasound is scheduled, and he said on Monday you would have one on your leg and on your head. You may get one earlier if they feel they need to tap your reservoir. They want to make sure you do not get a subdural hemorrhage.
After your blood transfusion, you seemed to be doing much better. The neonatologist thinks that you had all the episodes yesterday because of your blood count being low and because of the stress of your eye exam. When I was there today, you only had maybe 2 or 3 episodes that resolved quickly without any stimulation.
Your feeds started back up at 9 am. They decided to start your feeds at 5 ml, and they were going to increase your feeds by 5 ml every 3 hours. At 9 pm, you were back at your full feeds. They also said that they were going to start adding protein to your milk in addition to the prolacta.
PT came by to observe you during your care but the nurse wasn't doing your care again until 3 pm, and the PT lady was done working at 3 pm. She said that she would come back for his care tomorrow morning at 9 am, so I am going to make sure that I am there at 9 am tomorrow morning.
As for hematology, neurology, and neonatology talking about either staying at a half dose or going to a full dose, they decided it would be best to start the full dose today. You are getting a shot at 1 pm and 1 am every day. Daddy had one of the doctors come talk to him because he wanted to know why we are waiting so long to get an ultrasound after starting the full dose of lovenox and they basically said that they aren't worried about bleeding unless they have to tap your reservoir. If you are on lovenox for 6 - 12 weeks, you most likely will have to have your reservoir tapped during that time, so we will just wait and see what happens. We will be praying that there is no bleeding if you have to have it tapped.
Today was so much less hectic than yesterday. I felt like I had so much free time today because I wasn't always worried about your heart rate dropping (which was most of the day), or going out in the waiting room while you had a test done. I called at 9:40 pm to ask the nurse how you were doing and she said that you were doing great. Nothing new is going on and you are having a good night. That is what I like to hear! Stay strong buddy - I will see you bright and early! Daddy and I love you so much!