Monday, March 7, 2016

Back Up to Birth Weight! - March 7th, 2016

Last night the nurse was saying how we needed to put your name on the isolette so that everyone would know your name. This morning we came and your name was on the isolette! That was so nice of her!
This morning we came in and they took off your phototherapy light. They have to check your levels again tonight so you might have to go back on it, but for now, no more tanning! Your ventilator may be coming off within the next few days. Mommy and Daddy are a little nervous about that. Your PICC line may go in soon as long as the infection is gone. You are supposed to have an ultrasound tomorrow, but no one really knows when. You had a LP today and they were able to get a little bit of fluid, just enough for a culture.
The nurse told me when I came back that you had kicked your ventilator tube out! Impressive - but we still need that to breathe buddy! All the nurses comment on how active you are - always kicking and moving your little arms all over the place!
Tonight we got to do Kangaroo Care again, but our time was cut short because you brady'd. You had a lot of stuff in your lungs, so they think that is why.
They weighed you tonight and you are back up to your birth weight! You are now eating 7 ml of Mommy's milk!! Your belly looked full tonight, but they checked you and it seems like everything is fine. They are going to keep an eye on it.
Other than that today was pretty uneventful. Lets try to keep it that way Mason!!! Mommy and Daddy love you buddy!!