Sunday, March 6, 2016

What Infection? - March 6th, 2016

When we went at 9 am for his care, the doctor told us that since you had an infection, they wanted to take a lumbar puncture to rule out possible meningitis. She said that if they didn't get the fluid the first time, they would not keep doing it, they would just wait another day to try again. She went over all the risks with us, and asked us to sign a consent form. (I hate having to sign these consent forms - I feel that if anything ever went wrong, that it would be my fault because I signed the paper allowing the doctors to complete the procedure!) We would find out the results about one hour after the LP was complete. Depending on the outcome, you would either have antibiotics for 7-10 days or 14-21 days. We told her that we would be back at 3 pm to find out the results. The good news is that she said that the only reason she knew you were sick was from the blood work, otherwise she said that you do not look or act sick at all. Usually, when preemies are sick, they just lay there and don't really move too much. She said that you are feisty and move around a lot, and don't act sick at all. She then whispered "I don't think he knows that he is sick, so don't tell him!"
In addition to my usual duties (temp., diaper), the nurse let me feed you and give you a paci. It was amazing to see you actually sucking on it with the tubes in your mouth. I didn't think that was possible! Since you eat through a feeding tube, I got to hold the syringe up while gravity moved the milk into your belly. Speaking of milk, you are doing great with eating! You started at 1 ml every 12 hours, then 2 ml every 3 hours, then 3 ml, 4 ml, and 5 ml. They keep increasing the amount you eat every 3 hours and decreasing the amount of fluids that go through your IV. We are so proud of you! You are starting to eat like Daddy!
We went back for the 3 pm care. I was so nervous about hearing the results. The nurse told us that they were unable to get the fluid, so they would not go in again today. They would try again tomorrow. She said that you are moving around a lot so they think that they caught the infection in its beginning stages. (The lab hasn't called the nurses about the culture they sent out yesterday, so they say that is a good thing. It is possible that it is now negative!) Thank goodness!
Uncle Ryan and Mom-Mom came to visit you. Your cousin Cal was here as well, just couldn't come to the hospital. They got to see how good of a fighter you are!
The nurse told us that you now weigh 2 lbs! back up 2 ounces, and only 2 more until you are at your birth weight! Keep eating buddy - you are going to grow big and strong!
At 9 pm, Mommy came by herself and did some Kangaroo Care. I held you for about an hour and 40 minutes. You were so comfortable and all of your numbers looked good while you were on my chest. After putting you to bed, I stayed for a little bit to read to you. After I read and was getting ready to say my goodbyes your heartbeat went up to 207 and you were squirming all around. I had to stay until your numbers looked better, and within just a few minutes you calmed down. Oh - you are up to 6 ml of milk!! Keep going buddy!
Tomorrow you should have another LP and Monday or Tuesday, another ultrasound of your brain. I am hoping they do everything tomorrow so that you can rest on Tuesday.
Keep fighting Mason! You are doing such a great job. Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you!!