Thursday, March 3, 2016

Pray for Strength - February 29th, 2016

This morning when we came to do your care, I was so excited about Kangaroo care. However, when Mommy and Daddy got there, they told us you had a rough night and morning, so Kangaroo Care was not in the cards for today. I wasn't upset (of course I can't wait to hold you in my arms) just because I would rather you get better before I take you out of your nice, warm, home. They said you would have your ultrasound soon, and possibly put you back in the light for jaundice. They said you haven't pooped, so they were going to give you a suppository to help get things moving. Grammy and Poppy came to say goodbye, as they were heading back to New York.
At 3 pm we came back with Aunt Jessica. When the nurse had already changed your diaper and took your temperature, I knew something was wrong. The doctor came in with the results from the ultrasound of your brain. She explained everything that could happen first, then told us that you had a grade 2 and grade 2/3 brain bleed. We cried. She gave us so much information that I wasn't even sure what to ask about or even think about. She said that she has seen babies with grade 2 and 3 bleeds go on to develop normally, and then she has seen some that have not. We had no idea what to think, so all we did was cry. However, after thinking more about how much of a fighter you have been, and how many people are praying for you, I relaxed a little bit because I know you are going to get through this just like everything else you have overcome thus far. All of your nurses say just how strong you are. They all say how much of a fighter you are. You are Mommy and Daddy's perfect little hero. We know you are fighting so hard in there so you can come home with Mommy and Daddy as soon as possible!
After hearing the ultrasound news and letting it sink in, I read you a book and then wanted to let you rest. I did your colostrum care and the doctor said she would do a follow-up ultrasound on Friday. She was very helpful in showing us the X-Rays that have been taken (and seeing how your lungs are doing better at 4 days old) and the ultrasound of your brain. Again, a lot of information, but I am glad they go through it all so we know what to expect. I know you will grow up to be a loving, caring, healthy, happy little boy!
We came back at 9 pm for your care with Mom-Mom. We prayed for you (as are soooo many others) and Mommy read two books to you. I changed your first poopy diaper, and Daddy did your colostrum care for the first time! He was super nervous about it, but he did great!
We love you with all our hearts. No words will ever express how much we love you. God is watching over you and taking care of you - he knows how much of a fighter you are as well! Everyone is so proud of you, Mason. We look forward to watching you grow every day. You are everything to us little buddy. Keep fighting my little hero.
P.S. You gave your nurse the middle finger today! We were laughing saying how you were fed up with her doing your care and then having to deal with the ultrasound.