Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Stay Strong! - March 22nd, 2016

Today daddy brought grammy and I to the hospital. We got there and I asked the nurse how you have been doing and she said that you didn't have any episodes worth reporting. The ones you did have, you recovered really quickly on your own. The doctors and nurse think that it might have to do with getting the blood transfusion.
The neonatologist came around and told us that you have an eye exam next week, an ultrasound of your head tomorrow, and that they were going to start to fortify your milk with Prolacta today. He also said that they were going to drain your reservoir tomorrow. Your humidity was turned down today, and your humidity would also be turned down even more tomorrow.
On April 5th, you will start to have day/night cycling, meaning that you will have a cover over your isolette at night, and during the day they will pull off the cover. You will most likely get to wear clothes starting this weekend/next week. Everything that you wear has to have snaps, and cannot have a zipper. Your wires need to be able to go through the space between the snaps.
Later on, mommy got to hold you again. I held you for about two hours! This nurse did not call the doctor first, and she did not take your temperature for the two hours either. The nurse last time kept taking his temperature, called the doctor to make sure that I could hold you, and said I could only hold you for one hour. Not sure who is right, but either way, I got to hold you for a while today!
So far it seems like everything is looking up. Lets hope it stays this way!! We love you, Mason!! See you in the morning! Stay strong!