Friday, March 25, 2016

No News is Good News - March 25th, 2016

This morning when I woke up to pump, my left gland in my throat felt swollen. I immediately was worried that I couldn't go see you. I hoped when I woke up again at 5 am that it would be gone. However, when I woke up at 5 am, it was still swollen. I slept until about 7:30 am and got up and sat on the couch. Grammy asked what was wrong and I told her my throat was swollen and I couldn't see you. Grammy walked over to rite-aid and got mommy some Zicam. I took that immediately. An hour or so later I didn't feel swollen at all. I still didn't want to chance going to see you and getting you sick.
Daddy came to see you and they said that the ultrasound stayed the same as the last. That meant that the blood clot did not get any larger which was great. They also told daddy that your caffeine will now be mixed in with your breast milk instead of being given to you through an IV, which is a step in the right direction! They said that you have done pretty good today and overnight last night.
I came home and did some laundry to get your room ready. I still have a lot of things to do before you come home!
I called your nurse tonight to see how you were doing and she said that you were doing good. She said that your foot is doing well, your feeds are still advancing, and pretty soon you will be off of your IV's. She said that you had one episode where they had to stimulate you, but other than that you are good.
Happy one month Mason. I wish I could have come to see you today. It killed me knowing that I couldn't see you, especially since it has been one month since you were born. I am hoping all is well in the morning and mommy and daddy can come see you! We love you so much!!