Sunday, March 13, 2016

Always Keeping Us on Our Toes - March 13th, 2016

This morning I did kangaroo care with you for about an hour. You looked so comfortable, I hated having to put you back into your little home!
The doctor came in and said that you were getting a break from testing and I was happy to hear that. I asked her about your head circumference because it was .5 cm larger than the previous night. She said that if it grows 2 cm or more during a one week period, that they will most likely have to talk to a surgeon about what they wanted to do. Lets hope that we don't have to worry about that!
The nurse this morning said that they are going to try out not using the tortle because they think that may be the cause of some of your brady's. When we came in for your 3 o'clock care, she said that you have been doing well without it. I felt a little relaxed since you were doing okay today.
...And then we came tonight. The nurse said that you threw up a couple times and that your belly was 1.5 cm larger than it has been. She called the NP who said that she wanted to get an X-Ray again just to make sure that nothing was going on. She also said to hold your feeding for now. The results came back and it was still only air in there. When they were doing rounds, the nurse asked whether they should start feeding you again or not because of you throwing up. They said to keep your 5 ml feed. Hopefully you do not get sick again. Always making mommy and daddy worry!!
After that stress, we stayed and spoke with two of our favorite nurses. It definitely relieved some stress, so I am glad that we stayed a little longer than planned. Plus, we got to spend more time with you!! See you in the morning little guy! We love you!