Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Swollen Foot - March 23rd, 2016

This morning mommy and grammy slept in a little bit and got to the hospital around 10:00 am. When we got there the nurse said that you were doing pretty good. There was only one episode to report. She said that you were doing good with your respiratory rate, so they were going to start weaning you down. Your rate went from 25 to 20 this morning. She said that you had an X-Ray this morning because your belly grew 2 cm and you spit up after your last feeding. They said your intestines looked loopy, but that they were going to continue your feedings, but hold them at 15 ml. They said they were going to continue to keep an eye out on it, only because you are at risk for NEC. They took a sample of your stool and tested it for blood, and luckily there was not any blood. You will have another X-Ray in the morning, and the doctor said your feeds would most likely start advancing again. The doctor took out 10 cc's of fluid from your reservoir as well.
The doctor came and spoke with us and I had a couple questions for her. The first question was about your hernia(s) and if you would have surgery before leaving CHOP. She said that you would have surgery right before coming home. I also asked her about the ultrasound of your brain and when that was going to happen and she said that you already had it and that there were no changes which was a good thing.
After lunch I was able to do kangaroo care again. I held you for two hours, and the nurse took your temperature an hour in. She said that you were nice and warm, so I continued for another hour. When I put you back in your isolette, I was looking at your little toes because you had very long toes when you were born. They didn't look so long anymore. I figured you were just growing into them now, but then I realized that your foot was swollen. I told the nurse and she looked and agreed. She elevated your foot and said that she was going to keep an eye on it. I asked if it could be because of the PICC line, and she said it could be, but she wasn't sure. An hour and 15 minutes later, the swelling was not going down so the nurse called the doctor. She came and said that she was going to tell the nurse to elevate it, but since she already had it elevated, she ordered an ultrasound STAT. You had an ultrasound about 10 minutes later and we had to leave unfortunately. About an hour later we received a phone call that you had a blood clot in your leg above your PICC line, in the same vessel. The doctor had said that she was going to take the PICC line out, and that you only needed it for a couple more days anyway, so they would just use an IV. She also said that usually they give a medicine to thin the blood, but with your size and the bleeding you had in your head, she doesn't want to risk it. She said the only way you would end up getting the medicine was if your limb was at risk. She said for now all of your vitals look good.
Around 10 pm we called the nurse to check up on you and she said that your foot is still slightly puffy, but all of your vitals were good. The coloring of your foot is good and she can feel your pulse with her finger. She said this is a happy medium right now, and your foot is not blue or anything which means that you are not close to losing a limb. We asked if you were going to have another ultrasound and she said they haven't ordered one yet, but she wouldn't be surprised if one wasn't ordered in the morning.
Just when we think you are doing so well, something happens. We are praying that the clot does not travel, and that it goes away on its own. We love you, Mason. We will see you in the morning. Keep fighting!