Saturday, March 5, 2016

Amazing NICU Nurses - March 5th, 2016

Daddy and I came early this morning because we had a few things going on starting at 8 am. When we came, Margaret was still there. She had left us a letter letting us know that she read you 7 books and took great care of you. She said that although you had a rough day yesterday, that today is a new day. She even left pictures for us with quotes on the back of what you were thinking at the time!
Margaret told us that you did indeed have an infection and that you were on three different antibiotics for it. They would narrow it down once they knew what the infection was exactly. The doctor told us that usually preemie get really sick quickly with this infection and she was happy that you weren't showing any signs of an infection. She thinks that they caught it super early which is great! Your perforal IV is in and everything else looked pretty stable for the day. Your phototherapy had to be turned back on today.
At 3 pm when we came, I got to change your diaper and take your temperature (better than yesterday). I decided to do Kangaroo Care now instead of later because usually I am really tired after your 9 pm care. You looked so comfortable laying on my chest. I wish I could have just stayed there forever with you. Something new I got to try was taking you out of the isolette on my own. They said it causes less stress on you than having the nurses take you out. I did notice a difference! Putting you back in the isolette was a bit more difficult just beause of how small and fragile you are. Daddy read to you while we suggled. The doctor also informed us that you were doing so well on your feedings that they increased you from 2 ml every 3 hours to 3 ml every 3 hours.
Even though I was exhausted from not getting as much (or little I should say), sleep as I usually do, I wanted to come and see you again. When we got there, they had changed your diaper and taken your temperature. I am not going to lie, I was a little upset. That is the only thing I get to do and look forward to every care session. You were much more awake than usual. When I started talking to you, your eyes went right to where I was standing. I think you know Mommy's voice! I read you two books before staying goodnight and then we left.
Keep fighting in there little buddy! Mommy and Daddy love you!